Let It Go

August 14: How can I be more present with my feelings and emotions? Ten of Arrows (Swords) Reversed 🏹 Acceptance of what is – the good, the bad, and the deeply painful. πŸŒ„ I’ve included the page from the guidebook for The Mesquite Tarot because it’s so incredibly relevant to how I feel right now….

Like a Rock

August 13: A message from the deepest part of my heart. The Emperor πŸ‘‘ Take up space. ⛰️


August 12: What am I being invited to notice about my heart? The Hierophant (reversed) πŸ“œ As above, so below The channel or conduit between spirit and body Breaking old patterns Rebelling against the past Trying out new ways of being/thinking/feeling Old expectations no longer fit Contraction as a response to rapid expansion πŸ’— When…

Slow Down

August 11: How can I be more present with my body? Ace of Wands (Reversed) . Low energy Overwhelm Hesitating Beware impatience . Listen, says my body, when I tell you to rest. Or else.


August 10: A message from my body. Page of Cups 🐟 Delight in the unexpected Practice curiosity Flow with what shows up Allow for every day to be new and different 🐟

Start Again

August 9: What am I being invited to notice about my body and my relationship to it at this time?Ace of WandsπŸ’₯New beginningRaw potentialCreativity, motivation, initiativeSpark of passionπŸ’₯Now is a transitional moment, the opportunity to try something new, to start fresh, to approach my relationship to my body with curiosity and creativity instead of resentment,…

Grounding in Past Experience

August 8: How can I care for myself in moments of discomfort and fear? Nine of Pentacles 🌲 Stability & rootedness Grounding Leaning on past growth Trusting myself Sitting with what is 🌳 When I’m caught up in fear and pain, I can remind myself of all the other painful moments I’ve survived and root…

Quiet Mind

August 7: A message from my mind: The Hermit 🏞️ Time alone Inner work Retreating into the self Chosen solitude Guidance in silence 🏝️ Take a break sometimes. Get away from the conflicting voices and thoughts of others and get quiet. Learn who you are when no one else is around. 🏜️ If I get…

Slow and Steady

What am I being asked to notice about my relationship to my mind and thinking? 8 of Wands Reversed πŸš€ Delays Patience 🐌 My mind works quickly, and wants to move from this to that to the next thing. My body often can’t keep up. This card encourages me to slow down, calm my brain,…

Be Gentle With Yourself

August 5: What, if anything, needs to be released in order for me to be with what is asking for my attention? Novice of Pentacles (Page of Pentacles) ⭐ Lack of experience Diligent hard work Eagerness and curiosity The feeling that I’m a novice Feeling like I’m not prepared Needing to master a skill quickly…