Monday’s Make Me Anxious

I met with a financial adviser today (so adult!) and it was intimidating but awesome. He had me thinking about retirement, college funds for not-yet-existent children, etc. I definitely felt overwhelmed at first, but I think it’s best to start planning for these things now.

In other news, I’m super stressed about the Super Bowl. Which is stupid. This should be the most exciting Super Bowl of my life, and I’m stressing about where I’m going to watch it, of all things. I call unfairsies on life!

Also, I need to read and sign our new lease – only my second lease ever! Jesus, LIFE, why are you trying to make me do all the adultings at the same time?!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Carrie says:

    someday you’ll look back on today and it will all seem so easy….


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