Que Será Será


May 30: What am I releasing this month?
The Emperor

Authority & control
Structure & stability
Safety in routine

Oh geez. This is a tough one, but it also makes perfect sense to me because, try as I might, I can’t prevent time from marching forwards. I am being invited to release the illusion that I have control, the illusion that anything is stable, the illusion of safety. The truth of the universe is that everything is always in flux, and change is the only constant. The Emperor showed up today to remind me, none too gently, that I’m not the center of the universe and it is not my responsibility to make sure that everyone around me is ok. What is my responsibility? Learning to flow with change, showing up as authentically as possible with the people I love, holding space for pain and struggle in myself and others, and releasing what no longer serves me.

Affirmation: I release my need to control outcomes in order to be more fully present with what is happening.
Deck: The Mesquite Tarot

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