Bursting Bubbles

June 29: What new insights will help me to move forward in my life?
🔮 The World 🔮

Cycles & patterns
Moving beyond my comfort zone
Getting outside of my bubble
Illusion of safety
Every time I feel as though I’ve gotten back on my feet, the rug (which I didn’t even realize I was standing on) gets ripped out from under me. The World invites me to see this process with a growth mindset, to see that it is simply the natural cycles of life, the inevitable spiralic pattern we all move through. These moments when the bubble bursts can feel shocking, painful, traumatic, but they are also moments of rebirth and expansion. Safety is only ever an illusion, and it is my task in this cycle to accept this fact without contraction or attachment.
Affirmation: When I am able to see and accept the cyclical nature of life, I can move forward without fear.
Deck: The Mini Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot (a gift from @lunariatarot!!)

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