July 3: What external pressure drives me to go-go-go?
The Lovers (reversed) + Queen of Wands (reversed)

These cards fell out of my deck while I was shuffling, which usually means that they have an especially potent message for me. I was surprised to see this Queen and the Lovers because I think of them both as exceptionally positive cards, but almost immediately, I heard the message:
That’s what showed up, singularly and strong. The Lovers is a mirror card, a twin card, a card that shows us something of ourselves that we often only identify or in others. Sometimes this is beauty and strength, sometimes it manifests as envy or longing. The external pressure that drive me to push myself (harder than necessary) is comparison. Especially with folks I see as being creative/empowered/embodied/spiritual in a way I want to be – hello, Queen of Wands energy! I long for the beauty, the spark, the fire that I see others having, and this drives me to bend and push myself into spaces that don’t really fit me.
The invitation today is to spend less time in envy and comparison, and more time discovering what a right for for me looks like. This is hard as someone with chronic pain and mental health issues, but it’s a worthy energetic path to walk nonetheless.
Affirmation: I am worthy and enough just as I am, and I am not defined by my productivity.
Deck: Mini Small Mysteries Tarot
#tarotrestjuly @purefield.healing #minismallmysteriestarot #smallmysteriestarot #thelovers #queenofwands

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  1. murray langille says:

    AWESOME and right on


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