Inner Chicken


July 9: What does my inner critic say when I try to stop and rest?

What a cheeky response! The Death card doesn’t mean literal, physical death of a person (usually), but the death of an idea, a paradigm, a way of being. When I try to rest, my inner critic completely overreacts, like someone seeing the Death card for the first time and reading it as: “oh f*ck I’m gonna die!! The sky is falling! It’s the apocalypse, grab the go bag!” Instead, what this card suggests is that the contraction we experience with ego death can FEEL extreme and dire, but it’s actually a birth canal, and the light at the end of the tunnel is new life, new paradigms, new ways of being.
Affirmation: When I stop and rest, I have the opportunity to release that which is no longer serving me and rebuild my worldview.
Deck: White Sage Tarot

One Comment Add yours

  1. theresahutch says:

    Great description! The Death card is always a fun one to pull. I feel like it keeps it real.


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