August 12: What am I being invited to notice about my heart?
The Hierophant (reversed)

As above, so below
The channel or conduit between spirit and body
Breaking old patterns
Rebelling against the past
Trying out new ways of being/thinking/feeling
Old expectations no longer fit
Contraction as a response to rapid expansion
When the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes, I bet it hurt like hell. When a baby is moving through the birth canal and into the world, I bet it’s terrifying and painful and doesn’t make sense to them. Why would anyone choose to grow when growth means pain and staying the same means comfort?
Even slow progress is still progress. When we outgrow an old pair of shoes, they start causing us harm and pain instead of supporting us. Outgrowing old ways of thinking and being is similar – engaging with the old patterns causes harm and pain. Building new habits is hard work, painful work, but worthy work.

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