Taking Space

October 6: How can I support my nervous system through this journey? The Hermit 😌 Carving out time for myself. Withdrawing into a cocoon of reflection and meditation. Saying “no” to overstimulation and overwhelm. 😌

October Etsy Sale

Happy October, folks! I love this season so much. Crisp autumn air, spooky stories, and cozy sweaters all make me want to curl up on the couch in front of the fire. Pair that with some seriously delicious cosmic energies, and I’m itching to do some tarot reading! 🍂 In honor of the season (and…

Playing Catch Up Again

Jet lag is rough. I did pull cards this week, but am just now getting around to posting them: ♥️ September 22: How can I apply these messages in my life? The Lovers ♥️ Recognize that the world is a reflection of myself. Draw love inwards. ♥️ September 24: What is manifesting for me right…

Coming Home

September 20: A message from your ancestors. Queen of Knives (Swords) (Aquarius) 🗡️ Finding one’s voice. Intellect meeting heart. Critical thinking. Informed empathy. Surviving sorrow. 👑

Planting Seeds

September 18: A message from your Soul. Ace of Pentacles ⭐ There’s a seed here. Protect it. Water it. Baby it. Watch it grow. 🌱

The Eye of the Storm

September 16: A message from Mother Earth. Five of Wands ⛈️ Forecast: tormenta. ⛈️ The storm which hangs low on the horizon? It’s natural. It’s normal. It will blow through. Let it. Thunder and lightening and hail and wind and rain. It comes to clean the streets. To wash yesterdays muck away. To leave space…

Closing a Chapter

September 14: How can I embody my best self right now? Ten of Cups 🏖️ Acknowledge what is ready for harvest. 🌊 Celebrate the cycle’ ending. 🐚 Reflect and rest. 🦞

Affirmation of Self-Worth

September 12: What truth am I resisting? Eight of Stars (Pentacles) 🌟 Achievement and mastery. Skills allow me to change myself and my world. Knowing my limitations and areas of strength. 🌟 From the guidebook: “Eight is the number of bowing to limitations and allowing new horizons to manifest through the understanding of capabilities.” 🌟…


September 10: What blocks me from releasing the old? Seven of Arrows (Swords) ⚔️ I don’t trust myself. I don’t trust the world. 🏹 Using old survival mechanisms which are no longer necessary. Deception in the service of self-preservation. 💘 It’s time to let it all go. To quote some Al-Anon wisdom, what you think…

Direction through Integration

September 8: How can I simplify my transition? Temperance * Finding the balance point within. Walking my own path. Weaving my own tapestry. Breaking the illusion of binary thinking. Finding clarity in mental-emotional integration. * Deck: The Mesquite Tarot