Grounded Growth

September 6: How can I honor these changes? Nine of Pentacles 🌲 Grounding in my independence and autonomy. The guidebook calls this “rooted growth.” (Guidebook page is the second picture.) Nines are often cards of looking to the past (history, ancestors, and personal past) and learning and growing from that context. This nine speaks of…

Releasing attachment to egoic self

September 4: What am I shifting towards? Five of Arrows (Swords) Rx Releasing the need to be right. Letting go of my attachment to success. Sharing victories. Accountability for past impacts. Walking away from the win-lose binary. Embracing anatta (no-self, a Buddhist concept).

Rising from ashes

September 2: What am I shifting away from? The Tower * What relief. Tower moments are important, powerful, life-altering… But also often difficult and painful. What a gift to receive this card today. It fell out of my deck as I shuffled, and landed faceup on my foot. This Tower has fallen, and it’s remains…

Brutality, Vulnerability, and Resistance in Spanish Art

I’m currently in Spain, participating in a brief study abroad program centered around transnational social work. In the course of this program, I’ve been asked to write several essays about history, art, social work practice, and my own relationship to all of these things. I know my family and friends are the primary readers of…

Be kind to one another

August 31: What am I stepping into in September? Knight of Cups 🐟 Internal emotional work brought into the external realm. Moving things from the dream world to the real world. Compassion for my fellow humans.

Leaving insecurity behind

August 30: What am I leaving behind in August? Three of Stars (Pentacles) Rx ✨ Overwhelm. Not learning from mistakes. Imposter syndrome.

Pain is not my karmic fate

August 29: What untrue beliefs do I hold that are ready to be released? Three of Knives (Swords) ⚔️ Heartbreak, deep wounding, internalizing anguish and pain. 💔 From the guidebook: “tension is released through separation.” ⚔️ It isn’t my fate, or my birthright, or my lot in life to move from wound to wound and…

It’s ok to be Happy

August 28: A message from my intuition.Four of Wands🎪You have enough stability now to relax and enjoy life. You are grounded in your experience and wisdom, and this allows for greater freedom and creativity. Now is a moment of harvest and of homecoming. You’ve done the hard work, now you get to enjoy the fruits…

The Time is Now

August 27: A message from my inner elder.The Emperor⛰️What are you waiting for? To finish a degree, to land a job, to lose the stress weight, to ‘feel better,’ for someone else to tell you that you’re worthy? Fuck that, and fuck the self-doubt. You will never feel ready until you start acting as if….

Llena y Contenta

August 26: A message from my inner parent. Four of Cups * Rest. It’s ok to say no to what is not meant for me. Trust my inner sense of boundaries – when I feel done, I’m done. I have a right to security and stability.