For the Birds

August 25: A message from my inner child. The High Priestess, Rx 🌝 Ease of movement between worlds Intuitive knowing Seeing the grey areas 🌚 When I was a child, I believed I could talk to crows. I had a ring with a black stone in it (probably costume jewelry), and when I wore it,…


August 24: A message from my fear. Seven of Cups Rx 💭 Escapism and fantasy Imagination and illusion Getting lost in the Dreamworld Procrastinating and an overabundance of options 💭 Yup, this is me 100%. When I get fearful and overwhelmed, I retreat to my Dreamworld and procrastinate, postpone, and distract.

Wipe the Slate Clean

August 23: A message from my joy. Judgment * When I forgive myself and heal from my past, I can enter into the future with pure joy and trust in the universe.

Mirroring Empathy

August 22: A message from my wounding. The Lovers 💗 My wounding holds up a mirror to the world. There is duality and a union of opposites held here. When I can see and hold compassion for my own wounded places, I can turn my experience and pain into empathy for others.

Stillness in Motion

August 21: A message from my grief. Page of Cups 🤲 A gentle message from an old friend. My grief can teach me to embrace change, to accept the unexpected, and to sit calmly on the banks of the river of my emotions without being swept away. It’s ok to feel grief – in fact,…

Hard shell, soft center

August 20: A message from my anger: Knight of Cups, reversed 🏇 There is tenderness underneath the anger. There is a soft center that the anger is seeking to protect. When I drop in below the anger, I find fear, hurt, and vulnerability. 🌊 Anger is a messenger that points to where I need to…

Reaching the Other Side of Pain

Hey folks, I missed posting for a few days, so here’s a card dump from my weekend: 🃏 August 15: Where am I being invited to trust myself more completely? Novice of Arrows 🏹 Intellect & Insight Learning Bringing ideas into the physical realm 🏹 August 16: Where am I being invited to forgive myself?…

Let It Go

August 14: How can I be more present with my feelings and emotions? Ten of Arrows (Swords) Reversed 🏹 Acceptance of what is – the good, the bad, and the deeply painful. 🌄 I’ve included the page from the guidebook for The Mesquite Tarot because it’s so incredibly relevant to how I feel right now….

Like a Rock

August 13: A message from the deepest part of my heart. The Emperor 👑 Take up space. ⛰️


August 12: What am I being invited to notice about my heart? The Hierophant (reversed) 📜 As above, so below The channel or conduit between spirit and body Breaking old patterns Rebelling against the past Trying out new ways of being/thinking/feeling Old expectations no longer fit Contraction as a response to rapid expansion 💗 When…