Take Me As I Am

July 13: What area of my life needs to be slowed down?
Three of Cups


This message is deeply needed. I have always struggled with cultivating and maintaining sustainable social habits. I LOVE my friends. I am so deeply blessed to have a community of brilliant, insightful, warm, loving people who choose to be in relationship with me.

Why do I struggle so much to slow down and take time for my friends and community? Chronic pain. Shame and fear. Self-loathing. Focusing too much on productivity. Scarcity mindset. Anxiety. Depression. Perfectionism (if I reach out now, I better be able to sustain). Comparison. Burnout. Exhaustion.

I am happier and healthier when I touch base with my community more often. My close friends understand the challenges and barriers I face to social connection, and are so so generous in their willingness to engage when and how I’m able. I don’t have to be the perfect friend to be worthy of relationship. I can just be who I am, where I’m at, and my people will meet me there and accept me with open arms.

Affirmation: Slowing down and prioritizing my relationships brings joy and depth to my life.
Deck: Smith-Rider-Waite

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