Striking the Match

July 31: What is one way I can rest today? Ace of Wands πŸŽ‡ Creativity The Spark Raw potential ✨ Affirmation: By bringing a childlike wonder and curiosity to my creative endeavors, I can rest my analytical brain and rejuvenate my spirit. πŸ”₯ Thank you @purefield.healing for a beautiful month of rest and reflection with…

Hold the Line

July 29: Where do I need to set clearer boundaries to protect my rhythm? Nine of Wands πŸ”₯ The battle is won Determination & resilience Failure is not an option Exhaustion & injury Boundaries πŸ₯΅ Love it when I get a card that answers the question with a restatement of the question: where do I…

Spilled Milk

July 27: Where have I betrayed my natural rhythm to meet others’ demands? Five of Cups β˜• Outflow Loss Regret Grasping 🍡 I spend so much time cleaning up the cups that others spill that I am not present for my own cups. Thus, when some of my cups get knocked over, it feels overwhelming…


July 25: What is my natural rhythm? Two of Pentacles πŸ€Ήβ€β™€οΈ Balance Slow movement (vs. stagnancy) Continuous adaptation Fluidity πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ This card always makes me think of the physical actions required to be a good juggler or dancer. These are activities where we rarely stand still, but they’re also more deliberate and slow-paced than sprinting….

Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask First

July 23: What do I lose when I push myself too hard? Knower of Cups, Nine of Cups, Student of Cups 🀲 Tranquility and calm The ability to hold emotional space Intuitive knowledge Emotional connection Contentment and gratitude 🍡 Yikes! I guess the cards really wanted to drive this point home. This is something I…

Unlocking Creativity

July 21: How would resting benefit me? Novice of Wands (Page of Wands) πŸ”₯ Creativity and play Curiosity and exploration The spark of inspiration Free spiritedness Sharing the flame πŸ”₯ Affirmation: When I rest, I gain access to all the qualities I desire to embody.

Enjoy the Ride

July 19: How can I balance work and play in my life? Ten of Cups . Peace & Contentment Fulfillment & Celebration Balance & Unity Resolution/Revolution . Everything is fleeting. . #tarotrestjuly #smallmysteriestarot #tenofcups

Relax, ok?

July 17: How can I be more relaxed? The World 🌐 Everything is actually ok.

Honoring the Body’s Voice

July 15: How can I recognize the need to rest? Ace of Stars (Pentacles) ⭐ Invitation Beginning Potential Embodiment Physical reality ⭐ When I listen to my body, I intuitively know when I need to rest. My body will indeed tell me when to step back and recuperate, and if I don’t listen the first…

Take Me As I Am

July 13: What area of my life needs to be slowed down? Three of Cups β˜• Friendship Community Celebration Joy β˜• This message is deeply needed. I have always struggled with cultivating and maintaining sustainable social habits. I LOVE my friends. I am so deeply blessed to have a community of brilliant, insightful, warm, loving…