July 25: What is my natural rhythm?
Two of Pentacles

Slow movement (vs. stagnancy)
Continuous adaptation
This card always makes me think of the physical actions required to be a good juggler or dancer. These are activities where we rarely stand still, but they’re also more deliberate and slow-paced than sprinting. This requires flexibility, adaptability, stretching, and a certain quality of listening – paying attention to your dance partner or to the accidental spin you put on that ball.
I have a tendency to knock myself out of the rhythm by contracting (tensing, pulling back, not paying attention to my body) or overextending (going too fast, moving without purpose, not paying attention to my body). This card is a lovely reminder that when I’m in the flow of my life, balance is not only achievable, but a natural consequence of following my own rhythm and pace.
Affirmation: when I’m in my natural rhythm, things flow effortlessly.
Deck: The Mesquite Tarot

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